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Elvis Juice Homebrew Bundle
Elvis Juice Homebrew Bundle
Elvis Juice Homebrew Bundle

Elvis Juice Homebrew Bundle


We've made an Elvis Juice homebrew kit & refill kit made in collaboration with the awesome folk from Brooklyn BrewShop.

We feel a strong affinity with homebrewers here at BrewDog – many of our team started out that way, after all. So we thought it would be great to join forces with the homebrewing advocates at Brooklyn BrewShop and create a cool, reusable kit to recreate our headliner Elvis Juice in your very own home.

This bundle includes:


Inside you’ll find all the key brewing equipment, ingredients and recipe for Elvis Juice with the bespoke malt bill, signature hops and yeast. All you need to get your hands on for homebrewing is a large pot, a funnel and a strainer, pick up a bottle capper and sort yourself some empty bottles! But then, chances are you already have a few of those lying around...


These refill kits contain everything you need to brew your next batch of Elvis Juice. These are designed to be used with the hardware you get in the full brew kit and are incompatible with other setups that brew more than 1 gallon at a time.

Best before March 2020.