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Donatos Pizza + Elvis Juice
Donatos Pizza + Elvis Juice
Donatos Pizza + Elvis Juice

Donatos Pizza + Elvis Juice




We couldn't think of a better pairing than pizza and beer, so we've joined forces with Donatos to bring you our latest bundle! Each bundle contains x1 12-pack of Elvis Juice tall boys and x1 large, one-topping pizza from Donatos. Not to worry, we’re leaving the piping hot pizza delivery to the pros.

Donatos Large One-Topping Pizza

You’ll receive a free code with your beer delivery, good for a large one-topping pizza from your local store. You can claim your freshly cooked pizza when you’re ready because there’s nothing worse than room temp pizza. The code is valid for:

  • One large (14") one-topping pizza from Donatos

Please note, additional delivery fees may apply from Donatos.

Elvis Juice 12 Pack

Our huge Texas twelve pack of Elvis Juice is loaded with tart pithy grapefruit peel. This IPA has a caramel malt base, supporting a full frontal citrus overload - grapefruit peel piled on top of intense us aroma hops. Waves of crashing pine, orange and grapefruit round out this citrus infused IPA.

  • ABV: 6.5%
  • Style: Grapefruit IPA
  • Pack Type: 12 x 16oz Cans
  • Ingredients: water, barley, grapefruit, hops, yeast